Sunday, March 6, 2005

March 2005 Reads

Love Or Money

author: Sang-Eun Lee/Translated by Avra Douglas

audience: 5th and up

This is classic silly romantic Manga. My FIRST ever Korean Manga -- although it is published by Tokyopop. The only problem is that it is Volume ONE of a proposed series and I really really want to know what happens next. 15-year-old Loan Shark Girl meets 15-year-old poor, righteous boy, who's destined to MARRY her and also another 15-year-old boy of pure greed... and they are ALL gorgeous... hmm.. most of the time, you can't tell who's who... (as in so many Mangas...) The dead grandma getting drunk and getting reprimanded by St. Peter in Heaven is hilarious! Anyhooo... enjoyed reading this one tremendously.


author: Laurie Halse Anderson

audience: 7th and up

Anderson's ability to capture teen speeches, thoughts, and genuine, unflinching and unappologetic emotions is truly incredible! I definitely enjoy this light comidic treatment of a "NORMAL" High School Senior (as defined by the heroine of the story -- meaning, probably not going to college, probably getting tied down by an early motherhood, and probably will not get anywhere in life...) girl's life. Especially wonderful is how lovingly dysfunctional her parents are. They are just, like her, "normal" people, trying their best, although not always most intelligent, to care for their family. Witty and down-to-earth, this will be another hit with the tweens and early teens.

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  1. A very good book to read for girls who like to read about high-school type stories...the ending was very good I thought...khan3o5