Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ptolemy's Gate

Author: Jonathan Stroud
Reading Level:

Pages: 501
Publisher: Hyperion
Edition: Hardcover, 2006

Warning: Plot Spoiler Below

I'm still trembling minutes after finishing the final scenes of this ever-better trilogy. Shed much tear at the end. The nobility of the three main characters, growing more obvious as each moment passes, is both so cleansing and so real. My mild delight at seeing Nathaniel becoming more like his old, idealistic self in the middle part of the book turns into the gigantic admiration toward the end, when he calmly sacrifices himself and protects all that he loves. I'm still in shock! Stroud is gutsy in constructing this unexpected and utterly convincing ending. No wonder so many readers have told me how great this book is. Indeed.

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  1. I've never read such a great ending before. I completly agree with you, and I will freely admit to shedding some tears.