Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thoreau at Walden

Thoreau at WaldenAuthor: John Porcellino (illus.)
Reading Level: 4th and up

Pages: 112
Publisher: Hyperion
Edition: Paperback, 2008

To say the least, this book is "interesting" -- presenting some of Thoreau's writing and ideas in cartoon format -- there is not much innovative panel design but the color scheme, the panel progression, the choices of images all work harmoniously together -- which fit very nicely with Thoreau's sentiments. I especially appreciate those wordless panels -- the one that he and the owl looked at each other and then went back to do their "own businesses" without further disturbance. So peaceful and effectively illustrating the essence of his existence at the time.

The extensive back matter will make this deceptively simple book "useful" for an older audience (middle school? early high school?)

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